Interactive Museum

Leonardo Interactive Museum

The most important Museum in Florence dedicated to Leonardo da Vinci

The unique environment of the Leonardo da Vinci involves your visit in a direct, interactive, extraordinary experience of sharing and learning.

The teachings of the Museum are centered on the direct use of the famous machines designed by Leonardo. Inside the Museum there are numerous explanatory panels in Italian, French, English, Spanish and Russian that accompany you during the entire exhibition.

Audio guide service is also available for rent at the cost of 1 Euro.

In addition to the real interactions with his inventions, you can admire and compare, in a unique context, high resolution reproductions of Leonardo’s main pictorial works from the Mona Lisa to the Last Supper and the Annunciation to the Lady with the Ermine.

The Main Room

Discover more than 50 working machines and interactive features from Leonardo da Vinci’s codices.

In the Main Room of the Museum dedicated to Leonardo da Vinci, you will find more than 50 life-size machines, modeled after Leonardo’s designs: you will discover how extraordinary he was during his time!

Think: If these machines were actually built during the time Leonardo invented them, he would have revolutionized the history of technology as we know it!

To give you all the information you need, every Machine is accompanied by written explanations with translations in 5 languages and every room is enhanced with multimedia equipment.

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Test yourself by reconstructing some of the inventions of the Universal Genius!

Have fun with the Arched Bridge, the Dome and the main Polyhedrons of Leonardo!
Put your creativity and intelligence to the test constructing and creating new figures.
With our Instructional Laboratories you can relive the inventions of the past and their functions!

Painting Room

A room dedicated to the artist that produced the most valuable and well-known paintings in the world.

You can admire these masterpieces at a close distance to discover and appreciate details not commonly seen because for safety reasons, you cannot view the original canvases as closely in the museums they are displayed.